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Reviews for "Unreal Flash 2007"


This is good, if not better than ng rumble. But put in a auto save after each level if its crashes in case. Fix ~M-O-S-T~ the bugs and you got it. #1 game in NG by crew pick :] lol

Like it but you need to fix this....

I love this game so much its just a shame it keeps crashing!
I click on the map i wana go on and the game freezes!
please fix it!

One of my favorite games

Just Incredible! You already know all the great things from all the other reviews so here's a couple complaints:

1. Sometimes the secondary on the sniper flies through the person without damaging them
2. The sniper rifle takes waaaay too long to reload it's secondary
3. The pistol should have infinite bullets, unlogical, but makes sense in "game" world.
4. The goop shooter thing is too weak for it's speed, and the recharge thing is also slow.
6. In chaincastle, it's very likely for a NPC to walk into the lava like an idiot, and I can see that u programmed it not to, since sometimes it shakes left to right near the lava.
7. The rocket launcher is weak! At least make it 2 shot kill, I mean it takes 3 shots to kill a person with a rocket launcher? Nuh uh!
8. In capture the flag, when the person dies, the flag should be dropped and if the team gets it, it's returned to the base, if an opponent gets it, it's his to take to his base.
9. The sound controls don't work, I've turned off the SFX and music and yet they still play.
10. Sometimes the double-flip doesn't respond.

But those are like 9 complaints out of 100 or so great stuff, seriously. Love the innumerability of the characters. Love the weirdness of the secret team. Love the levels, love the wide range of weapons, love the secondary option, love the double flip (I can do some pretty nifty tricks with it), love the fields, love the... oh well, you get it. It's awesome and you guys rule.

In fact, I think this might jsut be as good as Newgrounds Rumble.

Flashy Good

I did enjoy this flash an actualy not cheap knock-off.


This Game really means what it says! It's freakin Unreal! Can't beleive someone actually created such a great game as this. I only see a couple of Flaws.
1. The Regular Rocket on the Rocket Launcher is too weak.
2. The Mini Mines on the Grenade Launcher are too strong.
4. The Chain Saw needs to be a bit more common. (I love it)
5. The Ghost Shot on the Sniper Should be a One Hit One Kill. Since it takes so long to reload. (I Strongly beleive in "Equivalent Exchange")
6. The Assault Rifle should at the least have a meter to how many shots it cold take before it actually goes out.
7. If you EVER (Which I hope u do) make another Unreal Flash,bring back the Needler from the first Unreal Flash instead of that weird Goop Gun you got on this one, lol.
All in all, this is a Great and Nearly Flawless Flash Game. Probably the Best on Newgrounds.