Reviews for "Portal: The Flash Version"


i played 4 atleast 4 hours strate and still cant cat past levl 15. really hard but really good

like, omg

i had to sit here and play for 3 and a half hours to beat that shit.... my brain is so fried i feel like throwing up dude....

seriously, that was rediculous towards the end, its like u WANTED us to fail...
like 10 or 200 times per minute...

i had to restart 37 like 40 times... /sob


A ten from me is rare, but, after "porting" a cult classic onto flash, and making it just as awesome, I shall say, just as I did with the actual game, THIS IS F$@#IN' AWESOME!


open consal then tipe in noclip
then have fun

best game ever.

theres a glitch. if you type in "gotolevel 9000" or anything over 41 in the console, youll just repeat the same level, but nothing is active.