Reviews for "Portal: The Flash Version"

I don't usually review games/movies, but......

I just couldn't help myself. THIS GAME IS TOO DAMN FUN!!! This is the best and most amazing game I have ever played. This makes me want the console version even more! Thank you so much! :D

Totally awesome.

Wow, I can't think of many improvements to make at all. My only complaint is that I thought the last level would be a LOT harder than it was. It didn't take as much timing as I thought, just problem solving and patience (whereas a lot of the previous levels were all about timing). It would also be fun if at the end, there could be some boss that you had to jump on it's head in order to kill it, and you would have to use the portals in order to defeat it. Though I can see if you wouldn't want to do that since the game is more of a problem solving game than an action game. *SLIGHT SPOILER ALERT* I did find one glitch (it's not a big one, but oh well), when you get to eat the cake as the final level, I tried portal-ing past it just for the fun of it, and it still acted like I ate the cake. I don't know if you purposefully made it that way or not. It would also be nice if you could unlock the cake level at the end of the game. Unlike most people, I like to be able to have ending levels like that as sort of a reward for me to play again. This was a really great game, though. I don't see how anybody could not love this game.

very neat game

This is the coolest game I played all night. I like it a lot. It's very strategic. YOu have to choose where you want your portals but it's challenging. Graphics were really good. great use of background music. The controls were nice and easy. Great game! I got stuck on the gravity one..

I've never played Portal before but this game makes it look really fun. Haha

amazing a few bugs but still amazing