Reviews for "Portal: The Flash Version"

i won

i won i won all 40 stages and it only taked me 2 weeks!! and i didnt even cheat! really i didnt the best game ever


this is amazing i rly want to get o-box and from what ive seen this rly captures the feeling i got didnt beat it though

Great greatness

Ok, first I would like to say that this game is amazing, its is VERY close to Valve's version, and I absolutely love this game. The replay value, to me, is very high, I must play this game almost every day. Infact as I play this game I think it not as a flash game, but somthing much more complex and well put together.

The graphics were fine, and the theme accuracy was amazing. I found it very easy to transition from the monochromatic style of this version to the cubic monochromatic style of Valve's Portal. The only thing I found unsettling was the difficultly curve. It seems kinda up then back down then OH OH REALLY HARD LEVEL, now here have a nice one. It just seemed out of order.

Besides that the levels were well designed, and it actually took a good amount of time to sit down and work out the solution, which is nice in contrast to the high level of Shoot the zombie dead games I've been playing recently.

I would very much love to see a sequel, with the same, if not higher, level of complexity. But I ramble, let me end up by saying; very, very good, and please keep up the good work.

Cool i played the second portal so this game has almost the same mechanics like the second and first.

It is just absurdly... absurd? that this masterpiece could be MADE almost 10 years ago on flash. Well done.

This was just as entertaining as the original game.