Reviews for "Portal: The Flash Version"

I apologize so much for 2011 me being such a brat! DX
I clearly didn't get a puzzle back then and lashed out.

I've deciced to revisit this classic after many years since today's a special day for me :) It's amazing to see a popular game conceptualized as a polished and fun flash game! Props to the developers of this game, it's great having something like this playable within a browser :)

For the time this was made in, it's amazing, I love the level design and the portal mechanic is very intuitive and allows for lots of different ways one can play a level. I was mainly bugged by the fact that this game, like many slightly older games, has awkward controls at times and when you're supposed to do a perfectly timed jump or anything of that sort, you'll get frustrated 0_0

Other than that, fantastic job on this game! It's a bit sad that the creators of this haven't posted anything in a decade, it would've been awesome to see them remake another game like this ;-;

Love this game, i abso-lu-tely do! Everything is amazing. Well "some" things are amazing, alot of bugs. But ignoring that, you've done a great job!

May sound crazy buuut.... Half Life 1: The Flash Version?

Good parody, good game !!!

gud game could u try and make a half life one?