Reviews for "Spot the Difference!"


This was a great game, Its flawless, I like how you lose if you keep messing up, keeps things challenging. Very nice job


I had so much fun playing this. The rasta shop level was kind of hard. I had one life left and I couldn't find anything, so I just clicked randomly and I guess there was a difference on that green box that I clicked. It was hilarious.
Then I died on the world level.. haha.


This was great!

Great game but how on earth are u maent to beat the "Our World" level?

good fun, hard at the hard levels....... well duh

good but..... the lives part is a little bit hard. like trying to find 1 difference in a very detailed shop, is VERY hard. if u didnt have lives and make us start over, that would b great, otherwise great job


Dude this game is very good,this is going on my newground account :D