Reviews for "Spot the Difference!"

Great, Great game

Everything was thought out. You know what I mean? It was so proffessional and of course, fun to play! I got stuck on that danged rastafarian level. But seriously good concept. Can't stop saying how good that was. Make more man. Definitely.


Can't beat the rasta-guy level, w.e I just suck at this :< Good game, not the usual carbon copy spot-the-difference game... Can't say anything about the sound because I have music on all the time..

quite ok

Nice game and music the last lv is quite hard but challenging btw the hard with only 1 difference i almost failed i found it at the last moment

Holy sh*t

Omfg I just beat the game: I feel really good now ^.^"

Very challenging, funny, good choice of music.

Also, it's very non-violent so little kids can play. I would give this 1million out of 10, but unfortunately that's not a choice.


This was a bit challeging but i beat it on the first try. Awesome game.