Reviews for "Spot the Difference!"

Suprisingly hard

I lost twice. That was fun- and the animation is very bright and cheery. Like a little kid's drawing ^_^

Played this 2 yrs ago

And still love it!


This is a REALLY fun game, keeps you alert and entertained for sure!

The only thing is there should be a level code - or it should save your place from where you last were so you don't have to go through the same levels all over again just to get to the one you lost your lives to. As well as giving you the option of being able to go back and play the easier levels if you really wanted to (for the younger kids)

Also, is there a way you can get extra lives whilst playing? This would work other than a level code so that you can continue playing without having to start over again, as well.


the idea of the the game is cool but the shooting sucks!!!
i would end up shooting one thing a million times and when
i finally got it my bullets were out! so I couldnt get past level 1

not bad

I thought that i wouldn't like it because of the way it looked, but upon playing it, i must say i was thoroughly suprrised to find i was enjoying myself. Bravo