Reviews for "Spot the Difference!"

ive seen better...an ive seen worse.....

it was fun at first but on the last levels it got too hard.....maybe if there wasnt a "lives" concept it would of been a better game.by the way i liked the side-scrolling concept ...overall a 4/5

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
Awesome game you've got here. Really quite original and has a lot of good ideas implemented into it. For example, the fact that the backgrounds move and you have to react quickly is something I haven't seen, and randomizing the objects is a really good idea. I got to level 3 before I struck out until I lost all of my lives. Great selection of music as well.

^^Needs Improving^^
I think sometimes things were a bit too obvious. Like obvious different shapes. They should be more subtle differences throughout.


nice, you made a boring type of game fun and got ahigh ranking doing it.


simplistic is sometimes the best way to go. good job.

had fun

it was a bit short but had my fun whit it, good job!