Reviews for "Spot the Difference!"


This is a pretty cute and well done game! Keep it up! Will spot the difference games rule the internet for awhile? Like a fad? This is like my second time seeing a game like this!

Great job at any rate!

great game...

Brilliant game, finally finished it, for those struggling to do certain levels, right hand click to pause the game! simple.
But great fun, does exactly what is says on the tin. Perhaps just a little too short. But it is defiantly hard enough for everyone.

Sweet game

Loved it, wish there was a check point though other than that great game!!!


Fyren388 i feel your pain the tiny little shop is hard coz i keep on getting 6/8 =( lol so um great thing dude =)

I like it

Very well animated. Clever differences, nice backround music. Damn that tiny shop difference couln't find lost whole game twice :(