Reviews for "Spot the Difference!"


Very easy game except for the one difference parts. I really liked it good music you really have good talent hope you make another game.

It was okay.

Honestly, the game could use a little work. It is a little difficult to spot all of the differences, but, hey, what fun would it be if you could see all of them clearly. :) It was alright.

Dumbest game I have ever played

The rounds where you have to spot one difference are impossible sometimes. I swear, it must be one pixel that is different on some. I played all those spot the difference games in the Highlights magazine as a kid and never have difficulty with these things.

This game truly deserves the 0/10 stars I gave it because the single difference rounds destroy the fun.


This game had some flaws, graphics not that great but at the same time they were made like that on purpose. Very addicting.

good game

really nice game, alittle too happy though animation could be more polished and maybe have a story line