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Reviews for "-ReBound 2-"


Very nice graphics, and very nice concept! I think I top'd the score boards but it's not showing my score D:

5'd and favourite'd! Keep it up :)!

TrueDarkness responds:

Thanks a lot man, I'm so glad you liked it. It's people like you that make submitting flashes worthwhile. Thanks!


one suggestion. how about you make some cool upgrades like a semi auto shotgun.(one you dont have to pump) and som magazine extenders.

Good game.

I thought that it got boring after a little while, but it was still a good game. Really nice graphics. I think I found some sort of a glitch, though. When I choose to have the automatic, I'm able to move it and everything, but I can't shoot with it, no matter what I do. Everything works fine with the other two guns, though.

Nice :)

Well done. it is pretty damn good man. If you make another, add more guns, custom targets(faces), ect. But good job.


amazing game fyi the semi-auto u have is actually burst and if u make a sequal instead of having an auto and a semi make one gun that can go full auto, semi auto, and burst (probably use an M16 carbine), and also add like a pistol as an expert setting
also the machine gun u currently have is an FA-MAS