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Reviews for "-Telepath RPG Ch. 2 Demo-"

very nice.

nice job, but 'AI' prolly has some bugs like infinite loops... game freezed for me twice with this position.
http://www.cadkon.cz/moje/telepath_bu g.png


pretty awesome, man! its always refreshing to play a game like this, with a variety of characters, skills, levels, etc. keep up the good work and keep expanding! nice nice nice!!!

REally neat! A little bug tough

If you use steam engine with the golem, then undo your movement, it will have a max of 3 steps again...

Anyhow, this one is waaaaaaay better than the first one, with a gameplay anything but repetitive. You could make it so that the ai uses backstab chances, tough, because they prefer to attack up front.

MalTheDestroyer responds:

That's not a bug--you lose your extra steps, sure, but you also get back your PsP. It just puts you back to where you were when the turn began.

pretty good, nice interface, nice gameplay

well rounded game.i'm definatly hooked.
one problem when i get to the part where i flick switches to open the doors, what color do the switches have to be?
cant figure it out

Something is wrong with the lava level, every time it gets to the fourth bug the game just freezes. Tried turning down the quality, nothing works. Might be a glitch.

Other than that, its great. This is one of the best gameplay mechanics I've ever seen.