Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Rampage"


But your going to need more power than that to beat Zeus (Jupiter). Hades (Pluto) is the weaker gods of a domain (the under world) if pit has truly become tainted he will have to fight the mighty Posiden (Neptune)(God of the sea) also in the book Mythology by Edith Hamilton it states that Even the powers combined cannot defeat Zeus. Your going to need some of his Zeus's sons. For some reason in Greek mythology the son can and has the power to take over the father.

Other than that great animation and plot truly one of the best on Newgrounds!


hahahahaha he's megaman haha~!


If you look back at my previous reviews which I don't expect you to do you'd notice they get better by one word and one star each time ;) so anyway, the review:

Way better animation than the original series. I like the idea that he absorbed Medusa's powers when he defeated her, and can absorba ll the other god's powers too.


AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!! simply awesome, you made pit seem TRULY BAD-ASSSS!


You Rock dude!!! this was by far the best of them but its still 2 short. youve gotta make them longer. incorporate longer fights. but still an excellent flash. XD