Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Rampage"

one question...

where did you get that kickass music from,when hades & pit was fighting,that song made everything come together on that part!?


Well, I liked all the series... But... What about continuing it? =)


OMG i love your awesome series!!! Make More! well.....not that your already not making more. one question tho, did you get the bow/2swords thing off of SSBB or did you just make that up?

MKjack responds:

the idea with the bow was from brawl, but i made it look like that pit got it after he defeated medusa, which he actually did.
you can read this in the trophy of palutenas bow in brawl ^^


that is amazing.


i honestly think pit would never ever want so much power anyway (i use pit in SSBB too lol hes my favorite)