Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Rampage"


pit gone crazy

Fan -blooming - tastic

Loved it, not as much as your older ones, but still a lot man, great animation, emotions, everything. One question how do you animate his wings do yoo do it on an extra layer or all together or what? Thanks (9 because i dont give tens nothing is perfect ands nothing will ever be)


The music from GoW2 was great with some other together.Waiting for the sequel
with a big interest

one question

it was good but is it safe to say your not making a sequel?

MKjack responds:

i want to make a sequel, i even have little parts of it finished.
i just dont have the time here right now...
this series will be finished, you can bet on that ^^
even if it might take quite long... ^^

cool vid

how do u make the animation disgen
kid icraus rocks