Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Rampage"

This looks like a good series

I look forward to the rest of it. But to Jimshade below me, 1, he might not be evil, after all, he took out an evil god, not a good one, so it's a good thing. And as to God and angels not turning evil, just remember that Satan was an angel, and he turned evil. But this isn't the Christian idea of angels, it's Greek gods, and angels of mythology. Anyway, great series, gonna watch the next one now.

So Pit turns evil on us.

And I thought that angels can't turn evil (God would know if one of his people had gone evil). Now he is a power seeking demon. Great job on the art, voice, and story. I'm hoping that it still continues.

When is the next one?

This is great but it has been so long. When are you coming out with the next one? Can you have him face off aganist Ares next please?

Einfach nur TOP!

Geiles Video Muri!
Wollt ma für dich Voten! Aber wie ich das sehe haste schon Top bewertungen!
Unser Flash Movie steht noch aus!
Das wird den Highscore Bekommen!
El Isi


That was so awsome. OMG so freaken cool.