Reviews for "Kid Icarus - Rampage"

Excellent Short Animation

This is my first review in a while, and looking at both the current quality of "good" videos versus what they used to be (what I'm familiar with), it's awesome. The art style is superb, the animation is original and awesome, but yeah it lacks that refined quality that videos such as Tankmen (man?) has.

I loved the concept, I never beat the game so I don't know if it has spawned from it or what, but I definitely think the absorbtion aspect is something that works well in games, and a game developed after this possible series is finished would be really sweet.

Good job!


It was not bad, but it wasn't quite perfect as well. The animations weren't as quick as they should be and there is somehow a missing...momentum. It does not look hard wenn Icarus hits Hades and so on.
Still a good submission.

good, keep going

Not bad I like it. I think this will be quite good, keep up tyhe good work, the art needs a liuttle advancement but that comes with time, but it's good art so far, also some character development might be good, you should have made pit lose the fightand give him more of a reason to take down hades and to grow stronger.

Can't wait to see the next one, keep it up


Good thing what u made


Now kid Ikarus will be i an adventure to get more powerful than all olimpus.