Reviews for "Confines of a Memory (Abbv.)"


i cant believe what i been hearing for the past 4 minutes...*sniff* touching..

smooth and original

i relly like the way you stoped doing relly fast and made and slower&more effecting track like this.

i like how it goes to the piano part (witch i like very mutch too) and how you can hear every instrument apart :)

good done dude downloded it and playing it a lot.

make more of they's!

I have no idea what happen to your mother but...

this song packs a lot of emotion. i believe this is your best piece of work yet. im serious you need to work for squarenix!

Dimrain47 responds:

LOL I'm workin on it!!!

Simply superb!

I'm not usually one who listens to, well, chillout, music. But this is brilliant. Excellent melody, you're obviously either studying music, play the keyboard/piano, or are just a genious. Well done, a truely emotional and moving piece, one the great composers of yesteryear would be proud of.

Dimrain47 responds:

Yes, I study music and play the piano/keyboard, as well as a variety of others.


Very nice. Peaceful. Excellent work. Love all your music.