Reviews for "Confines of a Memory (Abbv.)"


very nice song. Very touching. It could be added on more however. More melodies should be overlapped to create a feeling of more depth and make it feel like theres more going on (more fast paced).

sounds of oceans and such would be a nice touch too.

Very nice change from your normals stuff though. Good to see you diversifying your list.

wow i havent cried in 2 years

man i got to hand it out to u i havent cried in 2 years (my body been hit soo much when i cry that it refuses to cry) but i have to give it to u when i herd this song i know u ment it to be like for mom and well i started thinking off all my friends that have died and my uncle and how my mom and dad fight alot and all the crao that is going on and i started balling soo i kinda want to say thanks (i dont know if u understand y i would say thanks for makeing me cry but if u cant entirely i am going to explain) i have been trying to find a way to make my body cry and every time i would fail makeing my eyes hurt of dry tears and my chest hrut alot i mean ya it hurts like a biznich but man thanks lol now im sounding pathetic soo well hope too see mroe of ur stuff im really likeing it soo far :)

Great relaxing piece

This is a great song. I like how it has a complicated melody and the techno sounds put together. It is nice to hear some relaxing techno music that isn't loud and overpowered by bass like the rave type mixes.


This is very touching and it just let me sit down for once in the busy days of life and enjoy whats really happening now.


Very nice, Probably stopped writing music due to the lack of recent submissions.
Keep it up.