Reviews for "Confines of a Memory (Abbv.)"

Hmmm. It's beautiful but...

Considering its supposed to be a trance song there isn't enough trance in it. Sure its got pretty piano, but other than that it doesn't do it for me.

man o man

this is good but not as good as your others

PS dont make more songs like this i think your better of with fast beat songs and plz stick wit techno peace!

Not my style, well made thouogh

Sorry dude in my opinion this is your worst techno song, its just not my style, but considering it is your worst (in my opinion) and i still gave ut 7/10, that really reflects on your skill. No offense but slow techno just ain't my bag, great concept, not really too much you could improve on, very well made, overall nice job.


Nicely arped. Kind of reminds me of the intro to orbital's "halcyon on+on". Strings are nice but might need a bit more reeverb. I would like to hear more atmosphere, perharps some wind or maybe some kind of background effects to add a touching emotion. Your piano is a bit too dry and loud and distorts way to much. I would compress the arp to seperate it from the piano and strings. That way they don't clash. It's not really trance, it's more of New Age. But it does sound like a breakdown in the middle of a trance song. I'd like to remix this some time. Focus on your mixdow, more atmosphere, and you'll have a nice chillout track.


basic melody, nothing too impressive. your instruments still osunded too 8bitish sorta, amateur souding. your stuff is still waywaywya tooo overrated, thisis good, but not platnium good