Reviews for "Confines of a Memory (Abbv.)"


I'm not sure where your mother is...i think i know but i love this piece...it's inspiring and if i could do this my brother would be proud...but he wouldn't be here to enjoy it...if u can email me and teach me how to make audios like his one...please...


Thank you for making my day better:)


VERY moving

this song made me feel as though i've just lost something. it takes me through denile of a lost one, grief, acceptance, and looking foward...

this song inspiring.

i was once compared to you with my music.. i was blown away.

i would love for you to review the track that i was someone thought was yours. give me pointers?
the song is LET IT RAIN!!!

by the way... 10/10 5/5

i2 (rabbitz)


This is my new favourite mon have your motrher died or?.... if she has im very sry for your sake. This is the best dude... The best.

amazing... 10/10!!

STUNNING!! i showed all my friends and they were stunned. One friend actually started to cry when she heard it was for your mom. she said "that's so beautiful..."

Simply... amazing.

Your emotions are clearly expressed through this ballad... it is truly beautiful and sounds tragic... You say you wrote it in dedication to your mother... that with the title: confines of a memory, it makes me think that your mother died... is it true? anyways I am truly in love with your music, and if possible I would like to somehow contact you...