Reviews for "Confines of a Memory (Abbv.)"

Thanks for the eargasm.

Now I made myself member to Newground after haning here a year or two. I needed to tell persons as you how great there music is. I have all of your songs you submitted and Newgrounds and I listen to them around 15 times a day. Now i've heard Confines of a Memory 89 times and its so good. Its sad knowing no one will be able to do better, I've heard the best and I wont stop listening to it.
I dont really understand how you made this, it wake up feelings and its simply something you cant explain with words. 1500/10 !! You're amazing!

True to it's genre...

So, when are the film companies gonna give you a call about using this song? I can honestly say that this could actually be used in some awesome movie on the big screen! I loved it all the way through man this is pure greatness! You're telling me this is your FIRST trance? You are one hell of an author, that's a fact. And let's thank mom! For inspiring Dimrain to make this phenomenal song! I wish i could review this movie more so i could say how awesome this was! But alas, I am too moved by this song to continue. If i weren't so tired, I'd be shedding a tear or two right now <:) -TailsPrower

OMG LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

This song is soo touching, i love it!!!! I have listened to it like 20x's. Great job!!!!! Make some more plz!!!!

This Makes Me Sad...

It's really good. It reminds me of when my parents are gonna die :'( I'm really attached to them since I have no life and am with them most of the time (apart from school). Sometimes I wish my parents had me sooner then they did, cause they're getting very old.. my dad almost 10 years older... good anyways, keep it up..

I love it

The music is just beautiful. I love the way it all flows perfectly together. I like all of the tracks I've listened to. Beautiful work, keep it up.