Reviews for "Confines of a Memory (Abbv.)"

happy gilmore

the beginning reminds me of happy's happy place. Nice

Brings a tear to even the gaming masters eye....

Niiiiiiiice stuff dimrain
oh and by the way I REALLY HOP that nothing bad has happened man becouse
that would be well ummm....you know shit....so great song and bless youre mother
for giving birth to the no.1 musical dude!!!
-if at 1st you dont suceed........parashooting just aint for you-


Moving. Captivating, Brilliant, Keep up the good work, all of it's good, one of your best.

this song makes me feel so peaceful

i don't know why. i really love it!

Not my style, well made thouogh

Sorry dude in my opinion this is your worst techno song, its just not my style, but considering it is your worst (in my opinion) and i still gave ut 7/10, that really reflects on your skill. No offense but slow techno just ain't my bag, great concept, not really too much you could improve on, very well made, overall nice job.