Reviews for "Confines of a Memory (Abbv.)"

oh god....

I....i dont know what to say i just....love this so much i can't...baleave the beauty of this song....so soothing....why ya have to make me cry huh!?!?...love this...(sniff) *one thumb up* good work man (smiles)

(sniff) So...Beautiful

Dude this is just absolutely amazing! Try to make some like this if you can. I love this song, its so soothing to me. Keep it up!

Love you!

and your music.......take that any way you want....*wink*


Very Nice man


This one really made me cry ^^, Ohh haha I just love it! Probably your best nontechno song! The piano really touched me and theres nothing wrong with it, except maybe the genre XD This is definitely not trance but a perfect classical/ambient mix but very very beautiful!

Your mother should be proud ^^

Much love...