Reviews for "Confines of a Memory (Abbv.)"

Hmmm. It's beautiful but...

Considering its supposed to be a trance song there isn't enough trance in it. Sure its got pretty piano, but other than that it doesn't do it for me.

great song!

have no words to say how amazin this song is. It calms me down when i listen it

Simply... amazing.

Your emotions are clearly expressed through this ballad... it is truly beautiful and sounds tragic... You say you wrote it in dedication to your mother... that with the title: confines of a memory, it makes me think that your mother died... is it true? anyways I am truly in love with your music, and if possible I would like to somehow contact you...


Very nice, Probably stopped writing music due to the lack of recent submissions.
Keep it up.


and the Emmy for best ispirational music goes to: