Reviews for "Confines of a Memory (Abbv.)"

very nicee

this seems to be a very unexpected trasnfer from the best techno in the portal to a very touching piano melody, very talented, 10/10 freaken duh

Dimrain47 responds:

Yeah, I wanted to try something new.


i cant believe what i been hearing for the past 4 minutes...*sniff* touching..

great job

Dude, this thing is sweet. I'm more of a fast paced music guy though, but trance is cool nonetheless. I expect more of these coming from ya. Keep up the good work!

Clayton is my friend

Ok bud because you and famous and all can i live in your house when you get a mansion and stuff OMG!!!!! Calc still owns you though. Maybe i can design a crazy house when i become an architecht/engineer! Peace Bro see ya tomorrow.

PS Be envy of my you all think your friends of clayton and your not! I am nanny-nanny boo-boo

Dimrain47 responds:


Try calling him "Generic" now...

So peaceful... kinda hard to describe the feelings I'm getting from it, mostly happiness and hope. This is one lovely piece of music.

Sucks that you have to compete with BOUNC3 in the trance area, but I think you got him beat.