Reviews for "Confines of a Memory (Abbv.)"

for some reason

i dont know why but this reminds me of the song thats in happy gilmore when he goes to his
"happy place" at the end

Love It =)

it's so sad, but I love it, like everyone else
All your songs are amazing =)

Keep up the good work!!

Sad.. but Beautiful.. :' )

This song really grabbed me, it was so sad, but so great. Those strings... They sound great, and the piano too. It was such a great song!

I love it... Beautiful...

Beautiful... Absolutely beautiful... I cried... Getting me to cry is about the hardest thing anyone could do... And you made it happen...Thank you...I needed it... I will use this in a video for my dying grandmother... And I am sorry for your mother...

With deepest sympathy...


i was wrong

I just sent you an e-mail saying Unfinished Trance was your best work but I was sadly mistaken. You have a ton of GREAT pieces, bro. Keep it up.