Reviews for "Confines of a Memory (Abbv.)"


Do you play piano at all? Because your melodies are absolute superb, in every song, your just great, man.


i love all of ur songs but this is the best by far...and one of the guys said it sounds like the happy place from happy gilmore , i thought the sme thing when i heard it

Wonderful piece

I don't have words for this D:
Its THAT awesome.
...I'm so useless...

maybe square enix?

or is it square soft these days?
i don't know
your music is very final fantasy like, reminds me of the main tune of final fantasy x
love it man
tens all the way

I love it

The music is just beautiful. I love the way it all flows perfectly together. I like all of the tracks I've listened to. Beautiful work, keep it up.