Reviews for "B7 - Mortal Kombat Menu Metal"

very nice

Mortal Kombat is the series to me that put the benchmark for fighting games in that people want to see something violent happen! This tune certainly helps remind people: this game is heavy and ain't for whimps or the screamish.

However the star gone is because this feels a tiny bit rushed and the drums seem to drown out the guitar with not that much varying notes. However the star gone is also part of the fact is that it feels a little too repeatative and while a menu select thing, doesn't excuse lack of varying.

Anyway, it's a good track by you, another solid piece but nothing guitar breaking XD!

Burn7 responds:

This was VERY rushed, and more like a "Fuck it, I'm doing this in an hour" kinda thing. So it's very short, very nonvarious, and very unmixed.

I did however set out to write this as a loop, so that's why it's so... boring.

Thanks for another review! :D

I like metal music and Mortal Kombat metal is a groovy mix ^^

Burn7 responds:

Awwww yeeeeeah

I'm just fucking stoked they used my song in their actual flash lol