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Reviews for "SHOCK2"

Damn man, you did it again!

Seriously man, that was awesome...it's such a shame though that you couldn't finish Shock3, I was really looking forward to that until you posted it in scraps on dA. But anyway, getting to the point, Shock2, it was just epic really...I loved the movements, they were seriously fluid...I liked the effects, very original if you may say...I mean, this was clearly superior to the old Xiao Xiao movies really...just keep animating please :3.

incredible action

best fight ever created

even better than the first!

As i expected (even though i saw this before the first -.-) its a great movie with great fights and a great intro. and nice ending to

if u have to do all that to apply as a janitor then imagine other jobs like UFC or something else....

Crunk fo-fucken-shizzle :3

That was awesome.. i've watched it for a while and FINALLY wrote a review..

Loved the action... COMPLETELY awesome and violently 'CRUCKHIN'. I give you ten... you give us more...


You inspire a world of animators

You are one of the best animators I have ever seen, you hear people saying stick figures are animators being lazy, but you just shut there mouths tight (except for jaw dropped ones who saw this movie :D). Overall you deserve every award you were given. You got skills bro, you inspire an entire world of animators and I for one am looking forward to your next big hit.
You know I have one question: In that kinda buissness what do you have to do to get a job as a secratery? 0_0