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Reviews for "SHOCK2"


u have a good thing going here keep it up u really know wat ur doing. the music macthed the fight perfectly (and the songs addictive :D) the chacters moved smoothly and the end im not going 2 give it away but LOL i giv u a 10 but it is worth a 100 but i cant go that high


this is as violent as madness i like that this movie was awesome i hope your thinking about number three ^_^ this is awesome and violent you know what every one wants nowadays i hope you stay well and continue with your flash-creating

You shock me

well that was awsome.

Like I Said.......

"Extreme Stick Fighting" dats wat everyone wants 2 see and wat every1 wants keep dat up


I LOVE intense movies! and this one hit the sweet spot! personaly, i think you should base a movie of a charactor with the same abilities if not branch it off of this one. fucking amazing movie.