Reviews for "Welcome Home (revisited)"


I've listened to many of your work, and have had the same feeling towards most of them. They are very soothing and enjoyable, and each piece has its own touching moments.

If I have to make a criticism, it'd be that you seem to like to slow down on many of the transitions between phases... to the extent that they halt the fluidness of the songs. Maybe it's a personal thing of mine and I'm an impatient listener, but those "ground to a stop" breaks give me more unfulfillment than anticipation.

Like a movie

Sounds like one of those themes where the main character explores a destroyed/dusty home they went to as a child. Amazing.

This is Beautiful.

I had to leave my home because of some really bad family issues.... I can't wait to go back and see all my friends, and this song will be playing through my headphones. Thank you.

Just Wow

This left me speechless. Your way of music is wonderful. I have total respect.

My god...

You have touched me in a way no music has ever touched me before. The gentleness of the piano and it's light melody... I... It brought tears to my eyes.
I am now a full believing fan. Make more music like this!
50/10 Stars