Reviews for "Mega Man ZX Model Complex"


This is pure genuis. I got to see more.

Shadowii2 responds:

haha, I see, next one will be probably about 2 minutes long.


loved it. Nothing more to say.

Shadowii2 responds:

haha, thanks again for the review.

Helping is for pussies

Haha, I love these vids man, they're hilarious. You just need to make them longer dude. Then they'd be epic

Shadowii2 responds:

Yeah, the next one will be longer (about 2 minutes).

Thanks for the review.


Sweet Man. Still would've loved to see any other of the biometals pop out, but that was HILARIOUS! Good Job. Lolz. Red is soooo maaaaad. =/. Bastard... doesn't help anyone XD. Hope to see more. Very well done.


Shadowii2 responds:

Haha, I see, thanks and nice you enjoyed!

Also thanks for the review!

"PWNED! ^ ^" again.

This is the second one of your MegaMan ZX flashes that I've seen, and again, you've managed to make it short, yet hilarious. I'm never gonna get tired of seeing Aile popping out saying "PWNED! ^ ^" at the end. And, is it me, or is "*something-something is for pewssies" starting to become Model F's catchphrase? Anywho, nice job on this one.

Shadowii2 responds:

Hehe, thanks, nice you enjoyed it.
Also yeah, Model F seems to be all angry guy like making him say "something is for puwssies" all the time.

Also thanks for your review!