Reviews for "Mega Man ZX Model Complex"

Nice job

You've got a good sense of humor in this flash. The red model was funny when he said," Meh... helping is for pussies."


despite being short this is hilarious. and model f...honestly what a jerkbag


I'm a bit of a stickler for making sense of some things and this seems a bit screwy.

If those other models are around you wouldn't have access to the Model X form. Just ZX.

I understand it was probably just easier to do it that way, and with just X it's more obvious that it's just him, but it feels screwy to me. Anyway, good for a laugh.


Yea wat the hell man ur here to save them from ultimate destrution then they freak when u morph.Not cool on so many lvs.

i dont get it

but ill give it a 6 cuz i probably jsu tdont get it and I LOVE MEGA FREAKIN MAN!!!

Shadowii2 responds:

Play MMZX to get it!