Reviews for "Boobs"


The animation was decent and the pacing of the sound went very well with the animation.

I found nothing offensive here. But a word on the man boobs. You said "and now some for the ladies," well we could go without the man boobs. Eww. Just ewww.

This was a fitting tribute to breasts and it wasn't sophmoric like I had first feared.

The capt. picard chesticles was funny ass hell too!

koit responds:

Haha, I knew the ladies would love those moobs. ;)

Patrick, when he's not filming always hides in bra's. FACT.

I saw the light.............

And they have Boobs!!!!!


its funny ROFL and they show man boobs . And that is LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

Man boobs...

I know where the first man boobs u see in this movie are from. There from the movie Dodgeball. they appear at the end of Dodgeball.

completly awwwwwwd

this vid was great, the song, the boobies, and the man boobs....... scared me. awsome!!!!!!!