Reviews for "[UE] Part I (Ultimate Edi"

<post-orgasm comment> Fuckin Epiphany!

Man, you have gained my respect as a composer and musician, really, the whole UE blew my mind!

Best part? Probably from 0.00 to 8.31

</post-orgasm comment>

Lashmush responds:

well thanks for being specific, god dammit...

Heheh, thanks alot, sir!

Greatness dude

Like the way this came out and anxious to hear the rest of the UEs.


Perfection achieved keep up the good work!


Lashmush responds:

Perfection, eh? I wonder what you'll say about Mater Infinitum, the sequel to UE...

Thank you!


This is to amazing, really it deserves to be in a Final fantasy soundtrack or something! Holy shit the quality stuns me, and the sync up with every part of the song seems so perfect. All though this song is computer generated it seemed to be real instruments with how you put this song together. Well done man, i could have never dreamt of making something this great. I am going to download and put my new favorite song on my Ipod. Thanks!

All I have to say is this.

I agree with the people down there.


I can not say anything else.