Reviews for "[UE] Part I (Ultimate Edi"

Greatness dude

Like the way this came out and anxious to hear the rest of the UEs.


Perfection achieved keep up the good work!


Lashmush responds:

Perfection, eh? I wonder what you'll say about Mater Infinitum, the sequel to UE...

Thank you!

<post-orgasm comment> Fuckin Epiphany!

Man, you have gained my respect as a composer and musician, really, the whole UE blew my mind!

Best part? Probably from 0.00 to 8.31

</post-orgasm comment>

Lashmush responds:

well thanks for being specific, god dammit...

Heheh, thanks alot, sir!


I didn´t think this song could get any better. But when you actually can hear the choir singing words instead of just vocals this is EPIC. I think the drums come out a bit too "trebleish" if you know what I mean. But that´s just when they are "alone" they work extremly well in the mix. You know I hate your guitars , but this time they are really good.
Especially after the sitar (steel guitar with lot´s of delay etc :P ) the chug parts sound authentic but the melody on the thinner strings sound like crap , like a synth or something :P I think it´s because you can not hear the stroke of the pick or the fact that a good guitarist would have to do much more vibratos to gain that kind of sustain. Strings sound incredible , harp sounds awesome , really like the double bass sound in the beginning and the pizzecato from the violins and cellos . Tubular bells sound awesome in the mix , not too bright or anything they are perfect. the trombones or trumets in the beginning sound a bit too bright and start to loose their original character of sound. But it works in the mix . Piano is awesome! Incredible fucking great work as always! Keep up the good work. Oh yeah , I was sort of expection vocals on this song since you are borrowing my shit ;)

Lashmush responds:

Ultima Eternus will never have lyrics, but I might record a few blarghs and rawrs for the later parts.

Great big thanks on the review. I'll be sure to do some tweaks to it before I release the free and lossless versions respectively!

I'm still open to the idea of you doing guitarsolos for UE you know... Xenogenocide has also shown interest in that department which could lead (get it?) to some epic guitar dueling in part 3, 4 or 5. :3