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Reviews for "13 Halloween Tips -Tip 01"


i thought u were preparing for like peenywise the clown form "IT"

hmm, i like it!

i was hopin to see blood...but it was still funny tho, and amusing.

could have been a bit more gory

this isnt a toddler website you could have had some blood come out of the sink when he got sucked into it

Candy :]

I have too lost candy in the sink before, but I've never tried to get it.
Now I know that it was kinda smart to not try to get it ^^
Btw nice anim ^^

Awesome episode!

Awesome episode! I liked the graphics, as ususal, and the audio, also as usual. :D The animation was nearly flawless and the concept of this episode was excellent. Kind of reminded me of the book It... :D Overall, an awesome episode!