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Reviews for "~EnV~Bestammelse(Full)"

Something offtopic.

100 votes.
800 listens.
16 reviews.

Too bad I'll be breaking the streak.

And, before writing this line, I had characters remaining: 4000.
Damn... :D


Doen't make any sense, why isn't this (awesome) song not in the weekly top 5!?

Envy responds:

The NGAP needs its weekly dose of funk and video game music, that's why :3

God damn

When I heard the demo I was DYING to hear the full. XD IT FINALLY CAME OUT AND I'M SO GLAD. The melody is so damn CATCHY! Can't get it out of my head XD. Nice drums in the beginning. And the bass is full and thick as always :D Awesome Punchy kick.

10/10 5/5


Pretty damn hot.

Guy below me rates a 7 with no good points, just bad points.. obviously a downsyndrome.

But yeahhhhh Been listening to your music for a couple of years now, I think this is an awesome track but doesnt live up to Heaven Rd.2 but thats just my opinion :0

Love how you make the synth wobble, turn it into a pluck then fade it quiet and really loud while fading another synth in. something I haven't noticed anyone do, your own personal style I guess. I'm guessing you're inspired by rob mayth alot? :P amazing track man keep it up, one of the best artists on ng


start a track with the metrenome super gay. hi hat sucks in this track and lead synth would be cool if you staccatoed it more when you do all the cutoff tweaking

Envy responds:

I stopped listening at "hi hat sucks"

u jelly