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Reviews for "~EnV~Bestammelse(Full)"



I like it!

Pretty awesome! Make a Bestammelse 2! That would be the best... P.S. @joeig772 actually Envy is a female

Already sounds like a radio version to me.

Unless radio listeners have ADD and can't hang on for a buildup which is less than a minute long, this song is perfect for radio stuff. Really like the opening drums and wobble synth. Really danceable track: I've always been inspired by your stuff but never been able to get it anywhere near as club-ish, it seems like my stuff is too wierd to dance too xD
But I've got a lot of respect for you Envy. You have a really distinct style that we all know is you, but every single one of your songs still sounds different.
Compare this and heaven road. You can tell its the same guy, but the songs are completely different.
I don't think theres too much bass. My neighbours might disagree though.
Anyways, cheap jokes aside, its great to see (hear) something new from you Envy, and, as always, its a pleasure to listen to your songs.

I sort of lost my interest in dance music in late 2009, yet somehow I'm still fist pumping and partyboying like a retard everytime I hear something from you :D

this is SICK...

very good, to much bass, but other wise nice work
pls make more

Envy responds:

Blasphemy! There can never be too much bass!


lol even though im a guy XD (i not gay) ahah

anywayz cool song made me wana piss my self could help my self but to just jump up and start to tecktonik haha great song its really cool i used to have the unfinished version of this song as my ringtone on my phone ahaha