Reviews for "A Canvas And A Struggle"


That was really awesome. The artist's shit part was weird, but the ending was superb. Definitely wasn't expecting that. Nice job :)


this video was very inspiring to me. i enjoyed the unspoken message about the crumbling standards of modern art. very short, but equally meaningful.

Amazing =o

It's like the awful truth of art being 90% emotion, 10% paint (among other things)

It was wonderful (:

But the fact he killed himself was awful o.o
I don't like death >.> But yeah, his death was beautiful, too. ^^

for real

the brain contains everything that makes someone including their thoughts wich determins inspiration and art by blowing your mind away youve created everything there was for you to created.

beautiful andtouching to my soul ive felt that way before. good work man truly.


great imagination! original and wonderful. this video will be in the back of my mind for awhile. thank you :D

looking forward to more of your work!!