Reviews for "A Canvas And A Struggle"

Amazing =o

It's like the awful truth of art being 90% emotion, 10% paint (among other things)

It was wonderful (:

But the fact he killed himself was awful o.o
I don't like death >.> But yeah, his death was beautiful, too. ^^

Shockingly Stunning

Anyone who watches this short I believe now realizes how fascinating death is to art.
Its brutal but beautiful.
A real 'sitting at the edge of my seat' piece
i loved it.


this is in my opinion one of the best flash animations on the whole of newgrounds.!!! to me evrything int his animatinon is perfert ....lenght:10 sound:10 concept: pure genius!


it takes time to make good art, and good artists too...
many artists today tries to make "abstract" art, but contains nothing in there...
it sure may be simple, but deep.
This is sure good art... but no one can get away with death.
I think this guy in the movie got away with death through his death and painted it on the canvas. it's kind of creepy but shocking.

now thats a hardcore artist

the idea is cool, in a creepy way of course, but cool