Reviews for "A Canvas And A Struggle"

for real

the brain contains everything that makes someone including their thoughts wich determins inspiration and art by blowing your mind away youve created everything there was for you to created.

beautiful andtouching to my soul ive felt that way before. good work man truly.


You pretty much ridiculed artists in general by calling the guy "artsy mcfartsy"
haha, not sure if that was your intention
anyway, nice concept, and I wouldn't be amazed if something like this would ever actually happy
of course the defenition of what is art has been discussed since they invented the word or even before that

kind of sad

i liked it but u tried to make it serious and u named him artsy mcfartsy? why? anyways the movements were very fluid and you did a good job

Very nice

Honestly I didn't know what to expect when I started watching this. It was a wonderful delivery of his inspiration and I actually logged in just to post this one review. Good work my friend, 5/5 10/10

Question if u know

does nayone know this series?its about a guy who has black wings who came from the light realm but he made a deal with the ruler of the dark realm for his mom but realies his mom diserved to be in the dark realm. he falls in love with a girl who paints and she is the airline of the angel family. Anyone know wat this series is called?