Reviews for "A Canvas And A Struggle"

Beautifully made.

Overall a very interesting animation with a beautiful animation. I thought that the change in mood was done too fast, it seemed as if that last sequence was out of a completely different animation. looking forward to your next piece of work.

Very interesting....

THis is a very interesting flash thing...... Its cool, its good and the animation is very awesome. Guess it shows that people will go far of the grid just to create some kind of art piece no matter the format or something.......

I like it...

great idea, just to point out, the brain bits will rot and the blood is gonna turn brown in a while due to the reaction with oxygen.
the piece by Philip Glass is amazing.


That was... wow... Really unexpected. Liked it.


-I was hoping that the rest would be as cool as the beginning, but then it suddenly became dramatic in a couple of seconds. The concept itself was ok and i thought it had potential, but I don't understand why the abrupt change of mood was necessary. It's fine if you want to take a piss with modern art, but it couldve been done in a more subtle, maybe more mellow manner.

-It is great how you got people to think about the subject in the reviews though. I'm a big fan of modern art myself and it's interesting to see how people are so hung up about this classifying as art or not. The entire conclusion of modern art is that everything is art. I much rather see art as an open conceptual way of thinking, however bizarre it sometimes may be, than as a boring 'who can draw this landscape/human in the most realistic manner' contest.