Reviews for "A Canvas And A Struggle"


that was pretty good, i liked the art and the animation.


Ei paskempi. :)

oh my god..

i can understand completely.. i am this kind of artist that sees how art treats the artist today.. it's downright depressing.
the message, if a little extreme, is straight to the point and i'll bet most flash artists who slave away on their work on this site would agree.
the flash itself:
wonderful art and animation, but is his face very little detailed on purpose to keep him anonymous(like his name) or just to save time?

still, brilliantly done and i loved how the music was actually playing and when he turned it off, it was complete silence.you don't see that in clips nowadays.
it added some realism to the scenes.

music was well done and fitting, so were the SFX.

you, my good sir, are going straight to to my faves list.

my only fear is, what would your animation class say about this amount of violence (and criticism) in your flash?won't you get in trouble for it?


pretty dope

I think I would shoot myself to if I was named that.jk but nah seriously good shit.

Is using paint to easy nowadays?!

I know that was supposed to be a serious flash.. But.. Omg, the guys name is Artsy McFartsy!! =P Haha.. I don't think I'll ever understand artists. =/