Reviews for "A Canvas And A Struggle"

Great Style

I enjoyed this quite a bit. I will say I wish there was a bit more build up before the climatic ending. That aside, the animation was amazing! Really got a sense of style that you don't see too often in Flash animation. Subject matter was dark (which I'm a big fan of) and the plot was simple and easy to follow (another plus).

Scares me everytime I watch it!!

I'm such a sucker for things having to do with artistic struggle, but this one hits me in the same way that Black Swan does. FREAKS ME OUT SO MUCH! The idea of consuming yourself for the sake of your art form, whatever it may be, scares me more than any type of monster or serial killer. There is truth and clarity in your work and I love it so much. :)

Great i lubbs it

You know i forget what it was called but he peed on his art and sold it Xd ewww

Meaningful, well done.

Good job, a beautiful message in there!

so strong.

its just buetifull