Reviews for "A Canvas And A Struggle"

Messed up

Its really crazy and sucidle that you have a guy murder himself for art?!?
But it was good and a little bit slow.

this is my favourite thing on newgrounds.

also, to greatshadow300, he shot himself with the canvas behind him, so that the blood sprayed onto it.

Rushed My Arse!

That was very good, with a unique twist at the end. The art was Su-Perb, and I enjoyed the dig at artist culture. Artist's shit... That is FUNNY.

I made a Newgrounds account just to say this. . .


The careful amount of work placed into this video has shaken me from my foundations. Every time I watch this I feel my face flush with sadness.

The saying "A picture paints a thousand words" is useless in describing this piece of art. Your work painted a million.


I dont get it tho i know hes a painter and all but why would he shoot himself and all of a sudden have a good painting of blood??