Reviews for "A Canvas And A Struggle"


this is really good, but i dont know why....??? i like it alot

Art Makes a Statement

I think this is a very clever short. I do believe that he didn't kill himself out of misery, I think that he did it because he wanted to be original, you see this when he looks at "Artist Shit". This man only did his own rendition. Also I don't think art was the by product of his suicide I think suicide was the by product of his art.


The emotions expressed in this single flash were amazing.
This speaks for so many of artists out there.

Not rushed at all

The art in this was amazing. I don't think any of it looked rushed. It's much better than a lot of the stuff on newgrounds. The stuff that's considered 'good'. I'm an artist (not a starving artist; I'm still a student, so I don't live off of my own earnings) and have suicidal tendencies. The emotion in this video is something that I feel sometimes. Frustration at what is considered art (the artist's shit thing)... It's something that I think has led many artists to suicide. I must say, though... what a way to go. A very creative way to commit suicide. Still, I wouldn't consider the "painting" he made with his brains to be art since it is, technically, abstract expressionism. I HATE abstract "artists" because it doesn't take an artist to make abstract art... I digress. Small details in the art I especially liked, by the way, were the flecks of paint on the walls of the man's studio. It's something that many people wouldn't have thought to include. Wonderful job on this.

Nice work

I love it. beautiful art work too.