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Reviews for "Rainwave - Solar Vision"


This is very well done! I really enjoyed it! especially the intro and outtro! That was SEXY!

-The ERA

Indigorain responds:

Thanks very much man! I appreciate it :D


Damn this is a awsome beat! I feel like i could run a 19 minute 5k (about 3.1 miles for those who lack the knowledge of converting units of measurement) while listening to this. great beat

Indigorain responds:

Haha, thank you :D
Fortunately, I do not lack that knowledge^^
Thanks for leaving a review!

Lurvzszszs iiiit!

Only your 3rd review? What's wrong with you people!
Definitley dance-worthy. >:)
5/5 10/10

Indigorain responds:

thank you :D

Pretty good

Was good, had the makings of professional level songs, but on a personal preference level, not my style of Dance music. Other than that, nothing wrong with the song as it is.

Indigorain responds:

Well, I really appreciate you reviewing this song, especially if it's not your style! :D
Many thanks

Nice tune!

It sure has a happy feeling to it. I dont think it would be THAT much eardamage though when you put the volume up. :3
Anyway, I definitely liked it, and hopefully it'll become quite popular over time. 10/10 5/5 from me ^^

Indigorain responds:

Haha, thank you! :D