Reviews for "Chris Crocker in Blender"

Anyone else feel this?

Honestly, who the fuck cares about him? He is annoying as fuck to listen to and all sorts of faggot type shit. I don't mind fags, but when they are being overly gay like he is, then its just the most annoying shit on earth. Thank you for giving people the chance to get revenge!

the voice!

the voice!the voice!the voice!!!i loved it, 10 million for this

Chris+webcam=disaster. You+flash=:)

I L-O-V-E-D this... and also, if someone's being made fun of, sometimes they have to stand up for themselves... that gayass Chris just dosen't realize that.

omg best ever

Leave brittney alone right NOW!! WAH!!!!! LOL I LOVED THAT PART HILAIRIOUS!!!! 10/10


the entire time i was thinking, this looks just like the lemming guy..
and i kept thinking, this looks just like the lemming guy.
and then
of course
out of the belly, yep thers a lemming