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Reviews for "Animals"


I loved this flash! I think maybe its about that guy getting into heaven or hell?

The tear should..

..drop faster, but its awsome.


this reminds me of that move eraser head for some reson i liked and i didnt under stand it but iliked it


I fully agree with ultimagtr70 cept for the his analysis(hehe anal) of the chairlift bc i dont understand wat he meant by that, but all else i fully agree with. Great work on the movie.

dark and sinister

I rather liked this flash, and as for its meaning. I don't think your references to religion were unintended so i'll start there. I think what you did was paint a picture of how someone is on his way to the afterlife, the person who the flash is about is presumably someone very involved with his beliefs, possibly a preacher of sorts. This person is not going to heaven but to hell and in the last scene you see someone falling off a bridge. my guess... no my intepretation of this flash is that a preacher has fallen from his faith because of the loss of someone dear to him, then he commits suicide. In the church doctrine of catholisism, when you commit suicide you go to hell because it's an unforgivable sin. Soi think the moral is that you've got to be thoughtfull of what you do in life because it has consequenses for eternity. But it could also be about a guy who killed some other guy and now is on his way to hell xD but i seriously doubt it. If you have the time please respond to this review and tell me how wrong (or right) I am

Apart from the meaning, i found this flash to be quite well made, i like your style

AtmosGames responds:

you asked if the moral is you've got to be thoughtful of what you do in life. that is the opposite of what this animation teaches, i belive. the dude was completly not thoughtful, he denied christ and committed suicide. i think thats deserving of hell, right? nope. he goes to heavan because God had forgiven him. thats the whole point of Christianity, God forgives all sins. Thanks for yur care for interpretation! :)